Back home and away again.

It has been two weeks since the end of my sabbatical and life is pretty much back to normal. The lessons learnt and the experiences I had are still very much with me but it is good to be back at work, good to be back in Horsham and good to be back among my family,  friends and community of Holy Trinity.

All that said,  early this morning I found myself walking through a familiar door. 

The pace of the day immediately slowed and after a flurry of “Welcome back” and one “someone told me the vicar had returned!” I have slipped into the routine that was so part of my life back in September. 

This, hopefully, will be a chance to reflect on the total experience of my time away and to bring into closer focus those things that I need and want to do differently from before – with maybe the beginning of thoughts on how they might be done differently. 

I preached last Sunday on the need to be prepared; not just for Christmas in a few short weeks, but also for that which Christians throughout history have looked ahead for – the coming of Jesus again. As I write this blog post, sitting in front of a warming log fire,  I am reminded of something I learnt in this room when I was last here. 

When asked what he would do if he knew that Jesus would return tomorrow Martin Luther said; “I’d plant a tree.” 

As we look to the future is is important that we realise the gift and blessings of today. That we prepare for what is to come but we live in the present. 

And for me the blessings of today are a beautiful view of a sunny yet frosty countryside, a log fire burning, the conversations with friends and a cup of tea calling my name right now. 

With every blessing, 

Fr.  David


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