L’Abri.  A shelter in Hampshire 

It’s been one week since I pushed open the large oak door of The Manor,  Greatham to be cheerfully greeted and shown to my home for the next few weeks. 

This is the second part of my sabbatical. A chance to be in a community that encourages questions,  listening to one another, studying and working together.  ( http://www.labri.org/england/). 

I have already had several deep and thought provoking conversations around the lunch table as well as learning about the 30 or so other ‘students’ who are here at L’Abri with me. It is a full,  organized day here with either side of lunch being ordered for work around The Manor and gardens or study, reading and learning. Evenings are community times of lecture or film &  discussion or community games. 

My studies here are primarily focused on working through material for the diocese on the theme of ‘Ministry and Mental Health’ perhaps subtitled; ‘all you ever needed to know about depression but were too busy to ask!’ 

I’ve written just over 3000 words on this subject do far and I ask for your thoughts and prayers as I seek to unwrap this very personal subject further and write about it.  I’m finding it exhausting to go over the emotions and depths of depression and I am so glad to have others around me here to talk with, drink tea with and laugh with, along with friends and family praying and thinking of me at home. 

I’m hoping that, once I’ve done more writing regarding mental health I’ll be able to find time to post regarding the opening of the novel I’m hoping to work on. 

With every blessing.


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