Back cover to a book. 

One of the things I hope to achieve during my sabbatical is to move forward in writing a novel that has been fermenting for a while. I’ve written an opening to the book (which I will soon post) but today I thought I’d try to compose the ‘blurb’ for a back cover that may, or may not,  one day be real. 

Revd.  James Polley was just a normal vicar; caring for the community and seeking to bring light,  healing and love to his congregation. His previous life as a sergeant in the army sometimes seemed a long time ago yet he still carried the trauma of events long passed. 

Soon one of those passed events will come crashing into James’ present. Will he turn the other cheek or will it be an eye for an eye?

“Simply the best book by this brilliant author.” The author’s mum. 


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